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-Event management with convenience and simplicity-

 Simple, effective automated event management and registration:  Oh, and it has the reliability of Googles platform.

Learn how the Abilaire Event Manager has provided efficiency for a large site services organization.

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01 - Install

Installation of the Abilaire Event Manager is streamlined.  Once you agree to the required Google authorizations and give the Event Manager the desired name it is a one-click install.  Using Google's magic sauce the application creates the required calendar, event database, registration form, user log and Event creation forms.

02 - Time Savings

Once you create an event using the event creation form, the Abilaire Event Manager takes care of the rest for you.  The application populates the Event Manager Calendar with the created event, automatically places the event on the event registration form and adds the event to the database.  Providing the entire workflow through automation. Googles magic sauce at it again!

03 - It does everything

That thing you need done? Yep, it does that.  The Abilaire Event Manager takes care of all aspects of the event management. The Event Manager provides a means for participants to register, sends out confirmation emails and invitiations automatically, manages waitlisting for events that are at max capacityand even sends alerts to the admin and instructor.  Wait, theres also alerts for mass declines to event. 




For Admins

  • Create event(s) using a single form to facilitate consistency and standardization
  • Upload one or many participant registrations from a .CSV file and send batch email and invitation notifications
  • Single-source maintenance for events automatically added to Google calendar
  • Automated removal of events that are in the past from the Registration Form
  • Google calendar invite automatically sent to participant’s inbox to confirm event registration

For Participants

  • Self-register for events using a streamlined form
  • Automated email notification of registration status
  • Registered event is automatically added to participant’s Google calendar





  • Automated and customizable email notification to participants for event registration status (registered, waitlisted, declined)
  • Automated and customizable email notification to participants for events that were closed then re-opened
  • Automated edit check to compare minimum and maximum enrollee counts
  • Automated edit check and email notification for events with low enrollment (<50% of max attendees)
  • Ability to embed registration form and calendar into a Google Website providing a single location for participants to view available events and register


  • Ability to self-register for closed events and be automatically placed on a waitlist
  • Ability to self-register and see available seats for an event in real-time
  • Ability to cancel registration by declining Google calendar invite

Try the Abilaire Event Manager out!

See an example of an Event Manager client facing Google Site template - You can make the site as elaborate or minimalistic as your needs dictate.

Abilaire Event Manager

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