"HPI is a holistic process that allows an assessment of the entire performance ecosystem, as HPI’s construct is based on “system thinking.” Providing a mindset that agrees that organizations are truly complex systems comprised of People, Processes, and Systems."

Task Analysis-Lite Template

How are you mapping out and prioritizing your curriculum and learning programs?

A task analysis is the foundation upon which  training materials are designed, developed, and implemented. The purposes of a task analysis include:

  • Analysis of the impacted work
  • Roadmap for course design
  • Identification of the criticality of  tasks
  • A source of knowledge and skill testing data
  • Source content for training versioning control

This downloable template serves as a means to introduce you and your clients to a systematic way to analyze their work. Contact us, if  you would like help customizing the template to fit your individual needs or be provided training on the process.  Complete the form to download the template and let us know how you plan to implement the tool.


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