“An organization is competent to the degree it performs effectively at every changing moment. This can’t happen unless organizational knowledge is current, staff skills are up to date, and required resources are readily available to support optimal performance. How can you make good time and reach your intended destination without getting lost along the way? The answer lies in your addressing all three phases of the journey of gaining and maintaining on-the-job competency.”

- Conrad Gottfredson, Co-author of “Innovative Performance Support” and co-developer of the "5 Moments of Learning Need"

Is your Training and learning approach short-sighted? How are you currently addressing, knowledge and skill decay? How are you overcoming an ever-changing environment, massive accumulation of knowledge, supporting an aging workforce, the demand for employees to be faster, more efficient, and be able to work outside of their respective expertise?

Research has shown that over 60% of recently-acquired knowledge is forgotten within a few hours. Other research proposes that 90% is forgotten within a year. Even worse, since knowledge decay sets in after formal classroom presentations, the problem of knowledge decay cannot simply be solved by just providing more formal classroom and online training.

The desired outcome is providing vehicles to decrease the percentage of average performers.

However, by employing a strategic performance support framework, we assist our clients in addressing knowledge decay, by helping your organization develop and or source performance support systems and tools that meet your employees at all five moments of learning and performance need:

The answer to the above question is the design and utilization of PERFORMANCE SUPPORT.

Through the application of vehicles such as electronic performance support systems, just-in-time performance support, emerging technologies and knowledge management systems, organizations can provide support at the moment of need, creating a culture of efficiency and self-reliance. Just using training as a means to drive competency poses unaddressed obstacles:

  • The need to remove personnel from the work environment for retraining.
  • Not knowing when and where employees require additional support.
  • Lack of adaptive learning platforms that address all learning types, as well and validate retained knowledge and skills.
  • Lacking a vehicle that provides support that does not require staff to leave the work environment to gain the support they need.

Abilaire has extensive experience in helping organizations overcome these obstacles.


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