Competencies represent a set of smaller units – domains, tasks, and knowledge – that are required to perform workplace functions at a specific job. When competency models are developed with strong validity they become the foundation for all human performance improvement activities, performance measurement, curriculum development, performance support selection and assessment development.

Competency Development:

Through extensive analysis and in partnership with Assessment, Education, and Research Experts (AERE), Abilaire will identify competencies for workforce planning and development purposes.

Using available inputs, such as, observational studies, literature reviews, body of knowledge studies, previous job analysis studies, O*NET, resumes and CVs, job descriptions, interviews, and focus groups, Abilaire's approach to competency modeling, is defensible, flexible, and customizable to fit your organization while providing a framework for identifying performance gaps and projecting requirements for future performance.

We employ a proprietary Analysis approach and tools for ensuring task statements and knowledge statements are properly identified and aligned to the proper domain. Our approach emphasizes the analysis, resulting in more accurate information for performance improvement projects and decision making.

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