The development of Augmented Reality (AR) Technology to assist industries with precise information at point-of-need, in real-time, is today a foreseeable reality to be used in almost any domain. AR, though still in its infancy, is already demonstrating the ability to quickly improve efficiency, reduce human error, and increase compliance.

Imagine the ability to have the world around you "augmented" with additional information. Augmented reality technology is now enabling us to augment our reality with real data, in real-time, creating a richer and valid experience, which keeps the participant connected to the world at all times.

Performance Support

The drive to develop point-of-need support in the performance and learning communities is evident in constructs such as the “Five Moments of Need” (developed by Conrad Gottfredson) and the proliferation of dozens of new electronic performance support systems entering the market. Imagine being connected to technology that provides point-of-need support by augmenting the working environment with the data and inputs an employee needs. This allows for accurate information at time of need, improving decision making and accuracy, all while maintaining a hands-free environment, improving efficiency and reducing human error.

Imagine yourself as a construction site manager equipped with AR technology. In real-time, you are able to monitor work in progress, view next phases, or make and view changes and adjustments instantly.

Or, as a manufacturing site manager equipped with AR technology and digital maps of the plant, you are now able to view, in real-time, the designated location for equipment, eliminating paper layout plans while increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Or as a facility service worker equipped with AR technology, you are able to instantly view all hazardous materials information and handling requirements by simply scanning the chemical container.

At Abilaire we are revolutionizing how industries are supporting human performance using augmented and mixed realities. Decision makers can make more accurate and timely decisions with the ability to instantly view and change information in the field using Abilaire’s AR applications and platforms.


AR can enhance hands-on training. In courses that require equipment or tactical precision, proper demonstration is key for success. But with expensive or inaccessible equipment, or situations difficult or unsafe to reproduce in the classroom, AR can be a solution to maintain fidelity in the classroom. It is now possible with advanced AR applications to provide more authentic learning and engage learners in ways that have not been possible before.

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