Abilaire develops custom applications, tools and human performance technology to support and enable the entire human performance improvement lifecycle.

Performance Templates

Front-End Analysis

(FEA) is the “blueprint” for instructional design. A thorough FEA, conducted early in the process, will save time and money. Abilaire has developed a Front-End Analysis tool for performing defensible FEAs, which includes defining project requirements, desired performance, instructional needs, performance needs, potential solutions, impacted stakeholders, audience, and potential risks. 

The downloadable template serves as a means to introduce you, your organization and your clients to the Front End Analysis process.

View FEA Template

Task Analysis

A task analysis is a foundation upon which performance support materials are designed, developed, and implemented. It is an input into the Abilaire Competency Models framework. Abilaire’s Task Analysis tool serves as an analysis of the work, a roadmap for support and training materials, defensibility and a source of knowledge testing data. 

Abilaire’s proprietary Task Analysis tool and process go far beyond the simple grouping of steps into tasks, and task into duties. Our process and tool seamlessly aligns task to terminal objectives, steps to enabling objectives, identifies the qualitative impact of change to people, process and tools, down to the step-level, and much more. This downloadable template will help to introduce you to performing task analyses.

View Task Analysis Template


Event Manager

Abilaire has developed a “one-click” event manager and training registration tool using Google Apps Scripting (GAS) and API’s. This tool fully automates the event management process, simplifying event admin responsibilities, scheduling, logistics and reducing manual activities.

Abilaire Event Manager

Fringe Projects

Augmented Reality

Abilaire is developing performance support applications using augmented reality. Our intimate knowledge of high-risk and regulated environments is allowing us to partner with utility and other industries to improve efficiency, reduce human error, and increase safety using augmented and mixed reality performance support applications.

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