"HPI is a holistic process that allows an assessment of the entire performance ecosystem, as HPI’s construct is based on 'system thinking', providing a mindset that agrees that organizations are truly complex systems comprised of People, Processes, and Systems."

Front-End Analysis Template

Are you addressing Performance Gaps, or just creating great learning experiences?

The front-end analysis (FEA) is the “blueprint” for all performance improvement projects. A thorough FEA, conducted early in the process, will save time and money. Abilaire has developed a front-end analysis tool for performing defensible analysis that include defining project requirements, desired performance, instructional needs, performance needs, potential solutions, impacted stakeholders, audience, potential risks and documented subject matter expert participation.  One of the main outcomes of the FEA is the calculated performance gap or the delta between desired performance and actual performance.

The downloadable template serves as a means to introduce you and your organization or clients to the front-end analysis process. Complete the form to download the template.



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