Paul Hunt

Founder and CEO

Paul founded  Abilaire in 2007 after the first of his four children was born. Deriving the company name from his daughter's name, Abigail Claire, he was determined to change human performance and consulting.

With extensive experience in consulting across industries and leveraging his BS and MS in Education, and an MBA, he knew there was a better way to support clients than many of the consulting firms were doing. He ventured out to start a consulting firm that understood the human side of business and that offered the best way to support human performance. With a strong focus on analysis, Abilaire can determine the right solution for each client.

Paul’s love for improving human performance and learning started as a teacher in junior high and high school. Though his career has moved into adult learning and consulting, he continually returns to his roots. Paul and his wife, a professional travel photographer and blogger, homeschool their four children and Paul continues to work with children and youth groups.

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